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Nos dedicamos a la fabricación en plástico de
componentes industriales y artículos para la
horticultura y el viverísmo.
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What will you find in Plásticos Alber?

We are a second generation family business, although the current company was established in 1990. We are dedicated to the manufacture in plastic of industrial components and articles for the horticulture and nursery industry.

investigación y desarrollo


Research & Development

Our department is constantly looking for new emerging technologies in the sector, as well as managing ideas and projects. This allows us to gather ideas from any source, be it laboratories, customers, suppliers or our own employees.

Do you have an idea for a new item? Do you need a size or format that does not exist on the market?

You can count on us, our technicians will help you from the development of an idea, the design of a new article or the modification of a standard one, through to mass production. All with a fixed quotation and according to the quantities and delivery terms previously agreed upon.

Alber Export

Removing borders

At Plásticos Alber we firmly believe in the unification of markets and the standardization of products, which is why we have carried out, in parallel, a process of internationalization at the same time that we have been growing in the national market. Currently our products are present in 20 countries.

Export alber
un stock de plásticos almacenados

and warehousing


We usually have 2,000 pallets of standard products in stock and this, together with an efficient logistics system, enables us to process your orders quickly. We deliver from one pallet to any national destination to complete containers to any part of the world.

to the planet

icono de macetero recicable

All our products are
100% recyclable

icono de maceta+

100% of the material we use in
our manufacturing is recycled

icono de rejilla

Solar energy. Investment in photovoltaic panels
that transform solar energy into electrical power

Moldeados Plásticos Alber ha recibido una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Programa Operativo FEDER de Andalucía 2014-2020, financiada como parte de la respuesta de la Unión a la pandemia de COVID-19 (REACT-UE), para compensar el sobrecoste energético de gas natural y/o electricidad a pymes y autónomos especialmente afectados por el incremento de los precios del gas natural y la electricidad provocados por el impacto de la guerra de agresión de Rusia contra Ucrania."