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Moldeados Plásticos Alber develops and produces industrial articles and technical components in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials through plastic injection molding. The versatility of this method allows plastic parts to be manufactured quickly, with high production rates and low costs.

It is a fact that this process is one of the most cost-effective, efficient and popular in the manufacture of plastic parts. This is largely because it has the capacity to produce thousands or even millions of parts with high quality and multiple designs.

Moldeados Plásticos Alber S.L.
an integral solution for your project.

Production phases

Our technical team, specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic injection parts, carries out the planning, development, execution and quality control of each project.

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Idea Presentation

The client presents the idea to the technical team that will start with a feasibility analysis of the project.

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Industrial Design

Once the analysis is done and the concepts are clear, a 3D design of the part is made.

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Making the prototype

A prototype is made to detect possible errors and perform tests. They are made using different processes depending on the specific case, additive printing, machining, etc.


Making the mold

Our in-house workshop allows us to have a high level of process control and thanks to our experience in creating molds and parts for a wide range of industries we can offer highly efficient, precise and cost-effective molds.

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Quality control

Test of parts and molds. Analysis of injection defects, thickness optimization, etc.

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In this phase, possible modifications, improvements and optimizations in terms of weight, strength, cost and aesthetics are made.

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Sample Approval

A sample run is injected for final customer approval prior to the start of mass production.

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Mass Production

Once the final samples have been approved, mass production of the product begins.

Team of specialists

Our technical team, specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic injection parts, carries out the planning, development, execution and quality control of each project.

Projects completed

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Do you have an idea for a new item? Do you need a size or format that does not exist on the market?

You can count on us, our technicians will help you from the development of an idea, the design of a new article or the modification of a standard one, through to mass production. All with a fixed quotation and according to the quantities and delivery terms previously agreed upon.

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Production of industrial articles

The main advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale mass production. Once the initial costs have been paid, the price per unit during injection molding manufacturing is extremely low. The price also tends to drop dramatically as more pieces are produced.

Another advantage is precision. We can create identical parts with millimeter precision thanks to our investment in the quality of our injection molding machines.

In addition, plastic injection molding produces finished parts that do not require finishing processes. Thus, the color of the part, texture, etc. can be obtained in the same process.

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La solución integral
para tu proyecto

Alber unlimited

Todo este proceso genera poca o nula cantidad de desechos materiales, ya que los restos del plástico sobrante
son reutilizados.

In Moldeados Plásticos Alber S.L. you will find an integral solution. Our technical team takes care of everything, so that we offer our customers the security and tranquility of working with a single entity responsible for the success of your project.

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Alber Industrial

Auxiliary Services

Montages, silk-screen printing, labeling, packaging

Moldeados Plásticos Alber also takes care of some additional services such as simple assembly of parts or other elements, labeling and/or packing of the product with its corporate wrapping for its logistic shipment to its final destination.


We usually have 2,000 pallets of standard products in stock and this, together with an efficient logistics system, enables us to process your orders quickly. We deliver from one pallet to any national destination to complete containers to any part of the world.

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Where we make your dreams come true

We have our own workshop where we manufacture and maintain the molds, which gives us greater autonomy. Thanks to our high specialization and knowledge in the control of the variables of the process, we can guarantee a good part and a good maintenance of the mold.

Our factory has a high level of automation, which allows us to be more productive and reduce costs.

to the planet

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All our products are
100% recyclable

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El 80% del material que usamos en nuestra
our manufacturing is recycled

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Solar energy. Investment in photovoltaic panels
that transform solar energy into electrical power


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We have a continuous mass production 24/7, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this way we are able to fulfill our customers' orders as quickly as possible.

En Moldeados Plásticos Alber te ayudamos también con la
personalización, el montaje y el embalaje del producto.

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Do you want to be part of our team?

At Alber, the human team is key to successfully lead the transformation process in which the company is immersed. We are dynamic and enthusiastic and we work every day to offer the best experiences to our customers.


We work creating plastic injection parts for a wide range of sectors, renewable energies, construction, furniture, automotive, horticulture, containers and packaging, etc. Adapting to your specific needs has given us the experience to offer an integral quality service. Our goal is for all our customers to find in us a capable, competitive and reliable supplier.

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